In this section we will be returning back to work with the Nodes that we learned to create in the Work groups content. If you already studied all the AOS chapters, you are ready to work with Nodes. If not so, be sure to learn AOS chapters above, before you start with this chapter.
Just remember that it is highly recommended to firstly think about the connections between the nodes (who will send what to whom, what he will be sending, who will recieve the orders, etc.). This are the basics of the simple tree structure system, that our AOS system is using.

If you are ready, go and open a Work groups tab and go to the Configuration of the specific work group in witch you want to edit nodes. If you do not remeber here is a little help for you.

If you went step by step, you already have configuration with two nodes created. If not so, look again to the Work groups chapter.

Now as you can see we have two nodes prepared and we are going to edit them. We will fill them up with the roles and items. On the bottom right of each node there is a small Edit button that will help us with the editing. Just click on it and a new window will open.

As you can see there are three main sections to edit.
1. Attributes - this selection will give node a specific work role
2. Operations - gives permissions to specific role
3. Packages - consist of items of your choise

We will take a closer look to each one of this section, and how to work with them.

This is the first section of the node edit window. In the first row you can select a specific role for the Node. Your role will lately have members (tablets, buttons, etc.) for witch the  role will be special.  As you can see on the gif, we are going to add a role for the ForkliftLine 01 and lately we will give the role members. Next to it is a Package button, that helps you creating packages with specific items. For this expamle we have used a packages that will  call forklift  and  srews DIN 7985  that we already have created in the items. Under this row, there are two checkboxes:
Auto send - turned on checkbox will automatically send orders to everyone related in the next Node (Work role). This is usefull for the buttons.
Auto item selection - turned on checkbox will automatically select all items and sends a specific selection to other node. This is usefull for the tablets, where you can choose what items you want to send to next node.