Check is regular inspection for selected sensor. Check monitors value and compares with current value. 

To add a new record click + button. System shows window as you can see on the image below. 

Figure 1: Check form

  • Title - name of the check,

  • Schedule every and Unit - set time of repetition,

  • Description - some description for check

  • Levels - select thetype of level that will occurs when condition is met 

    • OK

    • Info

    • Warning

    • Critical

  • Sensor list - select monitored sensor / sensors

  • Value name - select value name of the sensor

  • Rule editor - set conditions

Rule Editor is using for setting condition rules. It contains:

  • AND / OR - logical operation for rules

  • Sensor value - take sensor value

  • Mathematical operation:

    • Equals

    • Less then

    • Less then or equal to

    • Greather than

    • Greather than or equal to

  • Value - write value for level which you want to check.

Check example

Figure 2: Check example

This check monitor Temperature value from Enviro Senzor. Name of the check is Temperature Server Room. This check monitor temperature once per hour. Check sets Warning level when condition (value is great than 30) is True.

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