Junior Flutter Developer - Internship

Bratislava, Slovakia

We are offering an internship for a Junior Flutter Developer to join our growing mobile applications development team. You will be working on a range of IoT and Industry4.0 software projects where you will be creating and maintaining products and solutions based on top of our Digital Twin platform. You will work on the implementations of real-time localization, warehouse automation, health & safety monitoring and many more. 


Multiplatform application development in Flutter/Dart.


Hybrid work model combining home-office with on-site team days.


Position also open for inexperienced talents. Work time is adaptable to your school schedule.

Who you are?

A passionate and curious student interested in modern technology trends. You love to interact with your smartphone and would like to bring this experience and attractiveness also to undiscovered enterprise and industrial environments. You are not afraid of discovering undiscovered and solving yet unsolved challenges. A fast learner willing to adopt multiple cultures and react in fast-paced environment. 

What your job will be like?

  • Write code for multiplatform Flutter applications. 

  • Work with other developers on code implementation. 

  • Attend collaborative online meetings with your team. 

  • Debug and deploy applications into various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows...). 

  • Use collaborative and version control tools like Git on daily basis. 

  • Support customers' requests and issues related to production applications. 

  • Write down documentation for products you are working on. 

  • Investigate available IoT technologies and their integration with Digital Twins

  • Occasional business trips to global industry leaders' facilities. 

  • Participate on SCRUM development process.

  • You will adopt a tech stack of Flutter, Dart, Kotlin, Swift, MQTT, Protobuff, REST and others. 

  • Your team will collaborate with GitLab and share memes through Discord

What do you need?

  • Basic knowledge of any object-oriented language (Java, C#, Python etc.). 

  • Basic understanding of algorithms and data structures (you are familiar with classes, methods, collections...).

  • Ability to learn and understand IT architecture concepts, like API, servers, clients, databases and others. 

  • Ability to communicate in English, both verbal and written. 

  • Drive to gain knowledge and improvement

  • Previous mobile applications development experience is an advantage. 

What do you receive in return?

  • Opportunity to participate in direct innovations appliance in the industry brownfield. 

  • Freedom to execute your visions and product improvements. 

  • Support and guidance from team leaders to achieve your career long-term ambitions. 

  • Unique chance to gain insights about processes from various industries like automotive, securities, logistics and more. 

  • Hybrid work model combining on-site coffee machine, beach volleyball, lake swimming and home-office benefits. 

  • Opportunity to travel and discover unfamiliar places. 

  • Salary starting from 6€/hour according to your skills and experience.